LIVE MUSIC/Band – Branded

The WRPR is delighted to welcome back Branded “Country Music presented with Passion” to our beer garden on Friday and Saturday. Branded is Wisconsin’s hottest new country band with mind numbing harmonies, killer guitar licks, and a highly energetic and professional country music experience. Packed with decorated and experienced musicians, Branded was named Wisconsin State Band Champs 2016 in their first year together. Experience the hype behind this great group of musicians.

Rodeo Clown: Hippie Engelkes

Fasten your seat belt, stretch your smile, and get ready for rodeo and comedy at its best. Fans love Wesley “Hippie – the Rodeo Clown” Engelkes from Iowa. Hippie puts you on the edge of your seat, dials you in for professional rodeo action and then he surprises you with improv comedy. Like Waldo you just aren’t sure where Hippie is going to show up or do in the arena or stands.

“Almost every boy, when younger, wants to grow up and be a cowboy,” states Hippie. He remembers telling his father he wanted to grow up and be a cowboy and fight bulls. In the summer of 1997 he entered his hometown rodeo. “In a few a seconds, and after almost getting stepped on, I knew that I was hooked 9on the sport),” recalls Hippie. As a young cowboy with long hair and wearing sandals to a rodeo he was immediately given the nickname Hippie. It just stuck.

In 2002, Hippie began clowning at rodeos and transitioned from being a contestant to bullfighter and then rodeo clown. He entertains crowds with the personality and wit that got him sent to the principal’s office at a school boy. He now travels across the United States working PRCA, CBR and PBR events.

Announcer: Kelly Kenney

From the moment Kelly rides into the arena on horseback to the minute he bids you farewell at the end of the performance, you’re going to be informed about the Barnes PRCA Rodeo bucking horses and bulls along with the PRCA cowboys and cowgirls competing.

Whether or not this is your first rodeo, Kelly will help explain what’s going on in the arena as well as the ups and downs of each and every contestant.  Kelly’s job is to keep you informed and entertained throughout the performance with his ability to interact with you, the contestants, and the rodeo clown.